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If you are looking for a reputable company to do business with, PMT has a lot to offer! Our pricing is very competitive and in most cases lower than you are currently paying. We would be happy to assist you with a quote. The following is a list of our machines and their capabilities.



ENGINE LATHE Can turn anything from 0-26" O.D. up to 160" shafts or tubes. All machines have steady rests and can thread metric or standard threads. Radius and part configurations on manual machines are produced from tooling, I.D. drilling, tapping, threading can also be done on these. All of our engine lathes are equipped with readouts. 
CNC TURNING CENTERS CNC lathes can turn from 0-18" and also anything 40" between centers. We can turn anything under 3" OD up to 20' long. We can turn any profile, any thread, and basically any configuration.
CNC 4-AXIS VERTICAL MILLS Up to 18" x 128" table x 12" x 18" x 100" travel, 6" thru spindle.
HORIZONTAL BORING MILLS Up to 32" x 39" rotary tables. We are limited to parts this size or smaller as we have outrigger tables for larger and longer parts. These are high accuracy machines which all have digital readouts.
VERTICAL MILLS 10" x 40" tables.
GUN DRILL SPINDLES We can chuck up anything between 0" to 5" diameter. 160" is the actual length we can gun drill.

Trepaning - 20" diameter maximum O.D. of piece, 16" maximum hole size.

BORING LATHES These are machines that can bore from 1" to 14" I.D. up to 200" long. The boring heads are our design. This operation will take a trepanned piece and true the concentricity.
HORIZONTAL HONING MACHINES  We can hone a hole from 1/4" to 12" I.D. with up to 8√  micro finish. We can hone a blind hole up to 11' long. We can hone a thru hole up to 22' long.
HONING MACHINE For smaller pieces, 11' travel blind hole, 22' thru, 1/4" up to 12" diameter.
CYLINDRICAL OD GRINDERS Grinding machines can grind up to 14" O.D. and up to 170" long part. We have grinding wheels for grinding everything from soft 135m/4140 28-32 Rc up to hard facing or tool steels 62 Rc.
SURFACE GRINDERS A surface grinder is a machine that uses an 8" O.D. wheel. These machines are generally used for flat parts although grinding certain areas on a part can also be done as long as its a flat surface. The length of travel is 18" and 6" wide - although larger parts can be done.
HOB SPLINING MACHINE We have DIN 5480 cutters 1.25 MOD 2.0 MOD 3.0 MOD Japanese industrial standard or J15 cutter 1.667 MOD. We can also cut what is called a straight sided spline. We can cut any spline.
THREAD MILLING MACHINES Thread mills are machines that can produce basically any thread lead. The spindle hole is 6" I.D. so chucking up parts longer than the machine is no problem as long as they're under 6" O.D. they also use what is called a side milling cutter to cut with. These cutters are generally 5" O.D. we can also grind angles for thread profiles on cutters.
CNC POLISHING LATHES These machines use a belt 132" long 1/4" wide up to 4" wide to polish surfaces. We also can adapt a buffing wheel to these. The machines are CNC controlled to follow any lead on part or can be used to polish a solid shaft. We can fit up to a 180" long part between centers.
HORIZONTAL AUTOMATIC BAND SAWS These machines use a reciprocating blade to cut thru bar stock or any stock as long as it does not exceed 10" O.D. 
WELDERS We have stick welding, MIG welding and TIG welding.
PLASMA TRANSFER ARC WELDER A PTA machine or Plasma Transfer Arc uses powder weld instead of wire or rod. Powder weld can be in any material as wire and rod are made from powder first. This machine can weld hardfacing on shafts or tubes. The machine is CNC controlled and can follow any lead. The largest part that can be put between centers is 14" O.D. and up to 24' in length.

PMT is a division of Services for Plastics, Inc.

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